Twitter Adds Special Bitcoin Emoji, Almost Become Trending Topics Worldwide

Twitter Adds Special Bitcoin Emoji, Almost Become Trending Topics Worldwide– Bitcoin does indeed get special status on Twitter . The latest, in addition to its founders really like Bitcoin, Twitter adds a special Bitcoin emoji. Make the hashtag #btc or #bitcoin, then the emojis appear immediately. Great!

When the price of Bitcoin is still weakening, today the ecosystem looks more lively. The reason is that Twitter added the emoji symbol Bitcoin to the hashtag #btc or #bitcoin. Well, that’s enough as solace and increasingly confirms Twitter’s support of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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Bitcoin emoji symbols appear on the hashtag #btc and #bitcoin on Twitter.
Menurut Messari biaya meretas blockchain Bitccoin “hanya” Rp289 miliar per hari. Kalau blockchain Ethereum hanya US$2,7 juta per hari. Ini bukan jualan jasa peretasan. Tapi, kok bisa ya? #btc #bitcoin …

Mau Meretas Bitcoin? Biayanya Hanya Rp289 Miliar per Hari — Blockchain Media Indonesia
Mau meretas Bitcoin? Menurut Messari biayanya “hanya” Rp289 miliar per hari. Kok bisa?
15.21 – 2 Feb 2020
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Emoji was then welcomed happily by the community. Many investors and respected crypto assets make points for the Bitcoin hashtag and continue to be a trend . The hashtag almost became a worldwide trending topic and was ranked 18th in the world.

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Binance Changpeng Zhao (CZ) founder did not miss praising him.

” Let’s do this . “Bitcoin,” cuit CZ briefly.



Join in. Let’s get it trending!

11.02 – 2 Feb 2020
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CZ tweet immediately greeted by Twitter account Binance, “# Bitcoin. Join in. Let’s get it trending! ”

Meanwhile the founder of Morgan Creek Digital Assets, Pompliano also responded briefly: “Finally it has arrived.”

Pomp 🌪


Finally it has arrived 🙏🏽

10.39 – 2 Feb 2020
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1.068 orang memperbincangkan tentang ini
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has long spoken out about his love for Bitcoin. However, it is not clear who is behind this new addition.

However, with the moment Bitcoin Reward Halving in May 2020 later. many consider this step a big boost for the Bitcoin ecosystem. [ Red ]


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